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ул. Щукинская 2
   8 (495) 651-91-51
(работаем круглосуточно)

"Exotic pleasure"


  • short course - 1,5 hours
  • ful course - 2 hours
  • course for two - 3 hours

Steps of the program:

  • You can choose sauna or Jacuzzi and pick an amazing aroma from next list:
    1. Eastern confection
    2. Sweet talent
    3. Jasmine queen
    4. Charming gardenia
    5. rose
  • Luxurious treatment for your body include Body scrub “Carrabolla” and “Wild gooseberry” with golden sugar
  • Nutrition spa treatment for face with tamarind and honey
  • Foot aroma – massage “Soft grass”
  • spa11Green tea or tea with healing herbs

It is advised to repeat treatment 1-2 times per week:

    You will enjoy authentic and deluxe body treatment.


  • Eliminating of dead cells
  • Revitalizing of skin
  • Restoration of harmony
  • Stimulation of skin receptors


Prices vary. Full price list is presented below:


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