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Anti-cellulite spa

«Целлюлиту – бой»


  • Short corse - 1,5 hours
  • Full course - 2 hours
  • Course for two - 3 hours

This intensive anti-cellulite treatment include :

  • anti-cellulite massage with special slim –cream
  • fascinating body spa

It starts with peeling when mineral scrub containing sea salt, grapefruit oil is applied on the skin. There are wide range of herbs and minerals used in this SPA by our specialists.

Brown algae (release of excess water), chili pepper, mare, s –tail, fucus and Guarani extracts are applied to the body to reduce the appearance of cellulite and moisturize skin.

Essential oils of orange, lavender, wintergreen, camphor tree are rich in anti-oxidants and will restore the hydration of your body. Exotic scents will give your feeling of harmony and calm.

Prices may vary.



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