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   8 (495) 651-91-51
(работаем круглосуточно)
Москва, ул. Щукинская 2
Наш адрес: Москва,
ул. Щукинская 2
   8 (495) 651-91-51
(работаем круглосуточно)
   8 (495) 651-91-51
(работаем круглосуточно)
Москва, ул. Щукинская 2

"Way to perfection"

«Путь к совершенству»

This pogram is designed for everyone who would like to look beautiful and sexually attractive. We celected best natural extracts and oils for your beauty and health. Feel delight from our classy massage and SPA.


  • Short course - 1,5 hours
  • Full course - 2 hours
  • Course for two people - 3 hours

Steps of the program:

  • SPA treatment for your hair : we apply extracts of argon, turmeric, ginseng to replenish your hair, make it silky and soft.
  • Head massage with nourishing balm
  • Body scrub with extracts of lime and lemongrass is aimed to exfoliate dead cells and provide deep peeling , your skin will look fresh without spots and dirt. Peeling is followed by body massage with extracts of licorice, scuttelaria, pink peony.

Highly recommended to repeat this treatment



  • 1 time per week for the best results


  • Strong and shiny hair
  • Detoxication of body from waste
  • Relaxation ( positive for nervous system)
  • Restore energy in your body


Prices vary. Full price list is presented below: