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   8 (495) 651-91-51
(работаем круглосуточно)
Москва, ул. Щукинская 2
Наш адрес: Москва,
ул. Щукинская 2
   8 (495) 651-91-51
(работаем круглосуточно)
   8 (495) 651-91-51
(работаем круглосуточно)
Москва, ул. Щукинская 2


«Страстное желание»


  • Short course - 1,5 hours
  • Full course - 2 hours
  • Course for two - 3 hours


  • You can choose sauna or Jacuzzi and pick an amazing aroma from next list: :
    1. Eastern confection
    2. Sweet talent
    3. Jasmine queen
    4. Charming gardenia
    5. Rose
  • Exfoliation and body wrap with brown sugar, honey and tamarind
  • We will pay attention not only to your body, but also to your face during the spa treatment. Extracts of tangerine and coconut oil will nourish your skin making your face look younger and fresh./li>
  • Aroma Oil massage is perfect addition to the whole treatment .We use o jojoba oil , sweet almond oil, essential oil of rosemary to make you feel sensual delight from the program.
  • spa14Special gift for your face-massage by herbal pouches
  • Green tea or tea with healing herbs

Peeling, removal of make-up and massage with coconut oil are included.

It is recommended to repeat treatment:

  • 1-2 times per week


  • Benefits
  • Reduce the effects of ageing
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Tone up and lift skin
  • Soothing skin and release tension
  • Nourishing effect


Prices vary. Full price list is presented below: